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Perlini post-sale services assure dump trucks always at work, minimizing downtime for a high productivity at low operational costs.
The first layer of assistance comes from the efficiency of Perlini Design: components subject to maintenance are easily accessible, assuring quick and satisfying interventions.

After-sales Service

After-sales services are always easily available to the customers through Perlini’s sales network, guaranteeing a quick intervention respecting the product’s technology.
Maintenance contracts are stipulated and carried out directly between Perlini dealers and final users, under continuous supervision of Perlini’s central after-sales service.
After the sale, technical personnel provides training about usage, maintenance and vehicle repair, keeping constantly at the customer’s disposal.

Spare Parts Service

Equipped with an electronic data elaboration centre, Perlini’s spare parts service is capable of satisfying customer needs very quickly, with daily shipping all over the world.
Perlini offers spare parts for every component of the trucks, also through Perlini’s local dealers.